Epoxy Pool Paint

Our top selling 2-part epoxy pool paint, POOL GUARD EHB (EPOXY HIGH BUILD) - the only product on the market with a 5 year warranty!

Your pool is getting attacked by chlorine, shock, UV sunrays, heat, cold, sun tan oils, algae, slime, dirt and people - its time to even the score. POOL GUARD EHB - Epoxy High Build - is our 2-part epoxy high build coating that will a hard tile finish, and is designed to give a perfect application on an imperfect surface. 1:1 mix ratio gives a heavy duty application, and UV stabilizers and silicone act like a "sunblock" giving extended protection against chalking algae and fade.

Our commercial pool paint POOL GUARD is the standard of commercial pools, colleges, YMCA's & waterparks for over 3 decades! Refresh that tired pool today, and enjoy your pool for years to come!

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