Platinum Non-Yellowing Urethane™ High Gloss Clear - Gallon
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  • FREE SHIPPINGA PREMIUM solvent-based urethane coating designed for maximum protection, ease of application, outstanding gloss, chemical resistance. Longest lasting protection against fade. Apply over most types of coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete. Dries quickly, durable, and resists fading, chemicals & abrasion.


    1. Heavy Duty Clear coating
    2. Concrete and Metal Surfaces
    3. Waterproof Coating
    4. High Solids Formulation Equals More Coverage
    5. Reduces Maintenance Costs
    6. Chemical Resistant
    7. Superb Adhesion
  • Create a "Showplace" - something truly Special & Stunningly Beautiful with our Simulated Granite Flooring System. The Finished System leaves the Appearance of a Large, Solid Slab of Terrazzo, and is Stunning!

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