Simulated Granite - Complete Flooring Kit
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Chip Color*
Black and White Super Fleck Chips
Delta Green Super Fleck Chips
Olive-Beige Super Fleck Chips
Oyster Shell Super Fleck Chips
Sandstone Super Fleck Chips
Brownstone Super Fleck Chips
Sedona Super Fleck Chips
New England Red Super Fleck Chips
Crushed Granite Super Fleck Chips
Boulder Gray Super Fleck Chips
Glacier Blue Super Fleck Chips
Royal Blue Super Fleck Chips
Tempest Super Fleck Chips
Shady Knoll Super Fleck Chips
Tortoise Shell Super Fleck Chips

  • FREE SHIPPING A PREMIUM two-part solvent based epoxy coating designed for maximum protection, ease of application, outstanding gloss and color retention, chemical resistance and adhesion over a variety of substrates. Longest lasting protection against fade. Apply over most types of epoxy coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete and steel. Dries quickly, durable, and resists fading, chemicals and abrasion. Mix ratio is 1:1.


  • The full kit is COMPLETE & includes ALL of the following:
    1. 1 Kit of High Solids Epoxy (1 gallon of your selected Epoxy Color, 1 gallon of your epoxy activator.)
    2. 6 Quarts (6 lbs) of Decorative Flakes (Color Designed for Specific Kit
    3. 1 Gallon of Platinum Clear Super High Gloss.
    4. 1 Surface Prep Kit (1 Gallon of Acid Magic - non - hazardous, 2 Lbs. of TSP cleaner, 1 scrub brush, 1 pair of rubber gloves
    This kit will be Perfect for 250 square feet (1 car garage.) Order 2 kits for a 2 car garage, and 3 kits for a 3 car garage.
  • Create a "Showplace" - something truly Special & Stunningly Beautiful with our Simulated Granite Flooring System. The Finished System leaves the Appearance of a Large, Solid Slab of Terrazzo, and is Stunning!

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