Tie-Kote - Waterbase Epoxy Primer Gallon Kit
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  • FREE SHIPPING National Paint WB Epoxy Tie-Kote is a two component water based epoxy tie-coat/sealer with excellent adhesive properties existing one and two part finishes. Primarily used on cleaned existing finishes which will be over coated with a two component solvent based finish which may attack the existing finish and cause a loss of adhesion. Can be used over chlorinated polymer pool paints, conventional solvent based and water based finishes such as alkyds, vinyls, acrylics and latex. Ideally applied by roller or brush but can be sprayed if desired.


    1. Universal Tie-Coat/Sealer for Many Pool and Industrial Maintenance Applications
    2. Allows for Easy Conversion From Conventional Finishes to Two Part Solvent Based Epoxy Finishes
    3. Excellent Water and Chemical Resistance
    4. Heavy Duty 4:1 Epoxy Primer
    5. Ease of Clean Up with Water
    1. Suggested Uses: Water Based Tie-Kote or Sealer
    2. Colors: Clear Amber
    3. Finish: Matte
    4. Vehicle Type: Amine Adduct Resin in Water
    5. Solids By Volume: 47.0 +/- 1.0%
    6. VOC Content: 0 grams/liter (reacted)
    7. Weight per Gallon: 8.6 +/- 0.2 pounds
    8. Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 2.0-2.5 mils
    9. Coverage: Approximately 303 square feet per gallon at 2.5 mils DFT
    10. Pot Life: 2-3 Hours
    11. Shelf Life: 24 Months
    12. Average Dry Time: Dries to touch in about 1 hour at 70-75 deg F. Can be top coated with solvent based epoxy finishes after an overnight cure.
    13. Recommended Reducer: None recommended. Use tap water if necessary
    14. Clean Up: Use tap water
    15. Surface Preparation: Surface must always be clean, dry and properly prepared prior to painting. Failure to do so will lead to eventually blistering and/or peeling. High pressure fresh water clean if possible or solvent clean to remove all surface contaminants. Allow to thoroughly dry prior to over coating.
    16. General Application: For use as a tie-coat/sealer over existing finishes that are desired to now be painted with solvent based epoxies. Apply by roller or brush. Add up to 10-15% by volume of tap water but only if necessary. Apply one or two coats if needed to meet dry film thickness requirements. Allow 15-20 minutes induction time after the curing agent component is added.
    17. Mixing and Thinning: Shake or mix each component thoroughly. Add the curing agent component to the base component and stir thoroughly. Continue to stir while using.
    18. Existing Painted Surfaces: First ensure the existing surface is compatible with a two component water based

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