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TS-222 Floor-Grip - Gallon

TS-222 Floor-Grip - Gallon

  • Get A Grip!

    Floor-Grip is something you won’t find anywhere else! It’s an exceptionally tough non skid floor coating that features three different sizes of aggregate added to a durable industrial-marine urethane. It produces an attractive finish sure to get attention.

    Floor-Grip produces a rock-hard finish that really lasts. It creates a beautiful decorative non slip floor surface unlike anything you have seen before. Major hotel chains, public pools, and businesses love it because it improves safety, lowers liability and produces a very attractive finish that is tough enough to meet the demands of high traffic and easy enough to walk on in your bare feet.

    Floor-Grip is excellent for use on decks, steps, gangways, ramps, in dining areas, kitchen areas, walk in freezers, pool areas and public bathrooms. It is an effective treatment for high traffic areas subject to slips and falls. It produces an attractive finish that adds texture and color. It is resistant to color fade, abrasion and the effects of ponding water. It is considerably harder, more durable and longer lasting than typical non slip floor paint. It adheres to most any surface including concrete, asphalt, and masonry while providing a durable non-skid surface that has superior resistance to abrasion, marring, chipping and cracking.

    Easy application, brush or roll it on depending on surface and specific application requirements. Covers 250 square feet per gallon. Mix component A with component B at a 7:1 mix ratio, blend thoroughly and let sit 15 min before applying. Apply 2 coats for best results. Available in 100+ colors.

    1. Contains three different sizes of aggregates pre-mixed.
    2. Dual stage formula creates unmatchable weather resistance.
    3. Produces a rock hard finish.
    4. Acceptable for interior and exterior applications.
    5. Will not pick up due to hot tires.
    6. Provides good resistance to chemicals.
    7. Acceptable for use in marine environments.
    8. Resists cracking and peeling.
    9. Available in 100 colors.





    VISCOSITY: 125 k.u.

    TACK FREE: 2 hours

    DRY HARD: 8 hours

    TIME TO RECOAT: 8 hours

    WEIGHT SOLIDS: 79-82%

    VOLUME SOLIDS: 59-62%

    WEIGHT PER GALLON: 14 lbs. per gal.

    V.O.C.: 350 grams per liter

    FLASH POINT: 80 degrees F.

    PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallon containers

    BATCH: Stock

    PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 250 square feet per gallon.

    SURFACE PREPARATION: Clean all surfaces of oil, dirt, grease, corrosion and any existing paint that lacks good adhesion. Temperature must be a minimum of 50 degrees F. to apply FLOOR-GRIP. Steel, aluminum and masonry: Should be etched with TS-695 Etching Cleaner. For optimum adhesion over aluminum: Apply fog coat of TS-117 Pre-wash Primer (MIL-P-15328 Zinc Chromate Wash Primer). For steel, fiberglass, wood, concrete, tile: Apply TS-664D Etching Primer or TS-6390 Ever-Last Epoxy Primer.

    APPLICATION: Stir FLOOR-GRIP thoroughly before applying. Apply by brush or roller at a spreading rate of 250 square feet per gallon.

    THINNING: Thinning is not recommended. If absolutely necessary use TS 605 Synthetic Thinner.

    CLEAN-UP: Equipment and tools may be cleaned with TS 605 Synthetic Thinner.

    LIMITED WARRANTY. To the best of our knowledge, the technical data presented above is true and accurate at the date of issuance and subject to change without prior notice. TSC guarantees its products to conform to its standards of quality control. Liability is limited to replacement of product. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by TSC, implied or otherwise.



  • COLOR(S): Unlimited Range of Colors.

    PRODUCT TYPE: Acrylic Urethane Aggregate Coating.

    DESCRIPTION: A non-slip, non-skid urethane aggregate coating for steel, aluminum and masonry surfaces. It contains a special aggregate combination which withstands rough weather conditions and daily wear and tear. Acceptable for marine and harsh industrial and commercial environments.

    Intended Use: For use on steel, aluminum, concrete, tile, wood and masonry surfaces: Decks, porches, walkways, ramps, steps, boat decks, bridgeways and numerous other marine / industrial applications.