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TS-840 Fast-Dry Floor Coating Package (Featuring TS-66 Supreme Urethane)

TS-840 Fast-Dry Floor Coating Package (Featuring TS-66 Supreme Urethane)

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Black and White Super Fleck Chips
Crushed Granite Super Fleck Chips
Boulder Gray Super Fleck Chips
Glacier Blue Super Fleck Chips
Royal Blue Super Fleck Chips
Tempest Super Fleck Chips
Shady Knoll Super Fleck Chips
Tortoise Shell Super Fleck Chips
Delta Green Super Fleck Chips
Olive-Beige Super Fleck Chips
Oyster Shell Super Fleck Chips
Sandstone Super Fleck Chips
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New England Red Super Fleck Chips
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  • EXP Fast-Dry Floor Coating Package allows you to refinish your floor lightning fast. New floors are dry enough for light foot traffic in just 6 hours! Complete package includes everything needed to complete your project. Includes easy to read instructions, all the right tools, TSP degreaser, Etching Cleaner, Self priming EXP Fast-Dry base color coat, Super-Fleck Chips and TS-66 Supreme Urethane Clear finish coat. Quick and easy, anyone can apply it themselves without special training. See Product Data Sheet for further details. Combine two or more packages to complete your project, or contact us for larger custom made packages. Small pack covers 250 sq. ft., Medium pack includes 2 gallons per coat and covers 500 square feet, Large pack includes 3 gallons per coat and covers 700-750 square feet.


    1. Package combines ultra-fast drying TS-4985 EXP with TS-66 Supreme Urethane, our most durable finish coating product.
    2. Produces a new floor lightning fast.
    3. Adheres to VCT tile!
    4. Approved for food service areas. Well liked in restaurants and commercial kitchens.
    5. Complete kit takes the guess work out of gathering all the right products together.
    6. Will not pick up to hot tires.
    7. 20 year guarantee.
  • INTENDED USE: Commercial, institutional and residential interior use.
    SURFACES: Concrete, glazed tile, VCT tile, linoleum, masonry and wood.
    USES: Commercial venues, commercial kitchens, resturants, retail spaces, laundry rooms and basements. Garage floor paint. Approved for food service.
    APPLICATION: Most applications are by roller coat but it is sprayable.

    MT colors (see color charts) are not available with this kit.